Buhay Sa Likod ng Pagkalinga: The Lived Experiences of Family Caregiver of Mentally Challenged Individuals In Puerto Princesa City

Marjorie Baclaan, Ric Henry Pagmanoja
Ma. Bea Pilar Palatino, Antonette Villaruel


Taking care of someone that is mentally challenged takes a lot of responsibility and effort, especially when it is your relative. A caregiver of someone who is mentally challenged is not an easy task. This study aims to explore the lived experiences of the family caregivers of mentally challenged individuals. This study aimed to reveal the experiences, challenges and the coping strategies the caregivers used.

There were nine female caregivers who were selectively chosen in Puerto Princesa City to be participants in this study. They were interviewed by the use of open -ended questions, patanong-tanong and pakikipagkwentuhan in order to gather the data. This study reveals that the caregivers carry objective and subjective burdens which made the caregiver’s experiences challenging. Caregivers also made some sacrifices to meet their mentally challenged relative’s needs. The caregivers are also affected by the stigma given by society; the caregivers were affected when their mentally challenged relative was
mistreated by the people around them. Most of the caregivers were optimistic with their situation and used their respective religion for them to cope with their situations.

Download the full paper HERE.


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