From Shattered to Being Better: Challenges and Coping of Successful Individuals from Broken Family

Jomar Casimina


When a family breaks up the situation could be as devastating as losing a loved one. Each member of the family goes through rough times as they deal with the separation of their parents. This is enough reason to be alarmed since it could lead to more serious problems if not addressed well. This study aims to know the challenges as well as the coping strategies of the successful individuals who gone through the situation and surpass it. The primary purpose of this research was to disseminate the information to all other members especially those at college level to help them realize that there is always more to life. A total of five participants have been used as subject, and data were analyzed using thematic analysis. This research concludes that each member of broken family is unique individuals. They gone through different challenges; as a result they also differ in coping. After presenting the findings, the researcher created an intervention program to help and support all the members of broken family who w ere experiencing struggle with the situation they have.

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