Paano Nga Ba Nang Walang Ama?: The Lived Experiences of Fatherless Women

Diana Rose Sangalang, Jemimah Joy Zabala
Christine Jencess Lutao, Cleun Paola Ballares
Vienna Moanna Luisa Magbuhos


Family is supposedly composed of a mother and a father together with their child or children. However, the absence of even one of the parents may yield an effect to each family member especially to their child or children. In this study, the researchers focused on the phenomenology of the fatherless women aged 18 years old and above who currently lives in Puerto Princesa City. This study covered their experiences within their self and towards the people around them including their relationships to their family, friends, and partners through descriptive and exploratory research design and qualitative method of analysis.It had been found out that there are significant positive and negative differences in their experiences toward their self, family, romantic relationships and others with regards to their environment.

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