“May Kulang Nga Ba?” : The Lived Experiences of Childless Couples in Puerto Princesa City

Kyle Dominic Acosta, Joshua Aaron Casila
Mia Maquitoque, Mayrene Vidallo


Involuntary childless population is one of the neglected minority groups in the society. This study aims to find out the lived experiences of childless couples from Puerto Princesa City. Their experiences were explored through the cognitive, affective and behavioural aspects. Six couple participants were gathered using purposive sampling technique. This study used qualitative design to have deeper analysis on the experiences of the childless couples and the collected data was analysed using KJ -Method of Analysis.
This study came up with three major themes namely attitudes, problems and issues and coping.

Husbands and wives experience childlessness as a problem with a lot of negativity coming from them and the society. Although both men and women are experiencing childlessness, the ways they deal with it are significantly different.

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